Data Recovery

Let us help you with your data recovery loss


RAID Data Recovery

Raid stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks – that involved setting up of 2 and or more hard-disks in combination for fault performance/tolerance.

We specialise in Server RAID Data Recovery – are you a business that has lost data and or important information on your server. You have to the right IT people- let us help you with recovery data lost.


Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery   — As many businesses would know ransomware is a malicious software designed to block team members from accessing there computer-files and system until a sum of monetary means are paid in return.

Are you a business that has been hit by ransomware or transfer files/documents that are not encrypted. Contact our friendly team on more information about ransomware and how you can protect your business from there ransom hackers.


Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery – involves the process of restoring data/files that have been lost from servers, desktops, laptops, and or any other computer systems that utilised a hard disk drive(HHD) for data-storage.

Some of the most commonly-scenarios of HHD data loss includes situations such as disk write/read-failures, power-surge damage, corruption of the Master Boot Record, Failed Cache memory, physical problems(i.e. bumped or dropping drive) and many more factors. This is why our recovery team- is here to help you. Contact our experienced engineers on how they can help you with your businesses data loss.


SSD Disk

SSD Disk Data Recovery – consists of a solid state electronic memory chips that is used to write and read data.This is typically a Flash Memory or DDR RAM. The ideal reason why many businesses utilise SSD Drives is due to three(3) main factors which include : (1) Provides faster access time than an ordinary hard disk does, (2) synchronises with a data-sector on a rotating disk and lastly (3) SSD disks also provide a greater-physical resilience to shock, extreme temperature fluctuations and physical vibration.

If you are a business- SME or large enterprise that needs assistance on data recovery. Contact our friendly and experienced team today on how we can help.