Fix Ongoing IT Problems

Are you currently experiencing the same ongoing IT-Problems that do not just go away? Common IT issues include the following such as Slow Network, Continual Dropouts, Virus Threats/Attacks, Printing issues, Scanning issues and many more IT issues that are experienced by businesses daily. Contact our team on how we can help.


Network Security/Data Security

Do Not Give The Keys To Cyber Attackers. Protect Your Business by requesting for Anti- Virus protection, Email security and spam protection, internet and website content filtering services, ransomware protection and many more services that can keep your business from unwanted threats. Contact our consultants and how we can help you and your business today.


Data Backup Issues

Data backup issues is a costly and time-consuming data recovery service. Therefore, ensuring that your data is backed up securely and consistently is crucial. As data loss is a serious issue for businesses whether a start up business or a large enterprise business- losing files/data means losing money and time to recover data that is essential to your day to day business operations.

Data/information loss can sabotage your business as it can cause you to lose customers if it is accompanied by security breaches. If data that is sensitive is stolen – it is important to disclose this to your clients – which in return can sabotage your customer relationship. Often leading you to loose respect and trust where extensive time is needed to rebuild client-relationships. Speak to us today- to find out more information about our data backup service and how this can help your business.


Paper Overload- Issue

Are you a business that utilises too much paper- costing you loads of money and time for your staff. We have a solution for you? Turn your business paperless.

The advantages of turning your business to paperless based is that it will save cost of printing and purchasing paper, less paper and more room for your business, you become a business that is environmentally friendly and saving the environment by saving our Australian trees.


Printing Issues

Printers is a common device utilised by many team members within businesses regardless of the size. However, when software and or hardware does not perform- delays are frustrating and may be costly to the business. At Corpex IT- we provide remedies to solve these printer issues that keep occurring such as paper jams, printing lagging where it takes too long, really bad looking-prints, printer not connecting to used PC/laptop, and lastly not knowing your printer needs replacement due to being old/outdated technology. This is why our printer technicians are here to help you.


Scanning Issues

As you all know one of the general problems that businesses have in the office- involves the scanner. This can cause frustration to your team and may also impact on their productivity within the business. Some common issues can include- the paper jamming whilst scanning, slowness in the time paper are being scanned, inappropriate looking document scans, WiFi connectivity issues/ connection issues to device, Toner/ink problems and many other common scanning issues that may occur. Costing your business money and time- which are valuable.


Data Backup Failure

Backups for your business are central and essential to any data-protection strategy and is crucial to any disaster-recovery solution. Some considerations that need to be considered include- Correct Back up strategy implemented, Correct Backup software and proper storage medium is installed on all PCS, and ensuring that you have an experienced team of support technicians that ave experience in this field is also very important.