Our Secure IT Services is a crucial service for all business types


Malware Protection

At Corpex IT we promote all businesses that we deal with to be protected no matter what. We offer a variety of different solutions- to suit different businesses budget range. Malware Protection- is a common threat faced by many businesses within Australia; whether if you are a start up business, a SME business or a large enterprise.

We offer a wide range of services that can keep you protected. Contact our team today on how we can help and the different options available for your business.


Anti Virus

We work with the most reliable anti virus partners- to ensure that your business is protected from viruses. As a virus on a PC is a malicious program/code that can alter the functionality of the way a computer performs. This can result in data loss, computer issues and also may result in corruption of important business data. Speak to us today on how we can help you and your business from virus attacks.



Ensure that your businesses computers have firewall.  This enforces a set of rules about what data will be allowed to enter and or leave  your business network.

This puts a virtual barrier that is put into perspective to limit damage from any internal and or external cyber attacks.  Contact our team on how we can protect your businesses network today.


Email Security

Email Security is a collective measure solution utilised by us to secure the content and/or access of an email service or account. It provides businesses whether start  up businesses, SMES or large enterprises and the team individually to be protected overall via access to one or more email accounts.

Contact our experienced and friendly team today on more information about this service and benefits to your business today.