Share Point

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What is Share Point?

Share Point- is a collaborative web-based platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Share Point Server is utilised by many IT companies for businesses that seek greater-control over SharePoint design. This provides fewer-frequent updates but gives businesses access to a wider variety of customisation and feature capabilities. This software is used for internal reasons to assist with bringing-an-organisation-together. Speak to one of our consultants today on more information about Share Point






Enhancement of Security

As many businesses would know security is a crucial element for day to day operations. Sophisticated cyber attacks, system hacks and fraud schemes can leak important business information. Therefore, letting information fall-through may lead your business in a major breach, bad press and data loss.

Incorporating OneDrive and SharePoint- into your business operations can prevent a lot of security issues such as major breaches and data loss. Hosting operations on an integrated and single platform can also reduce the vulnerability and level of exposure to attacks across many systems. Speak to us today on how we can help you and your business.



Effortless Collaboration

Businesses that utilise SharePoint- benefits from using a platform that is open and easy to create and or share business data channelled through a single location. OneDrie and SahrePoint seamlessly can connect staff within your company with data, information, projects and people they need to perform work. Speak to our consultants today on how this works and how we can help your business grow.



Simplified Information Exchange

SharePoint is a platform that is easy to utilise and has special features that can simplify your teams work. For example, it has features like alerts make it easy for the team to easily get the important information they need, without miscommunication and or delays. This allows employees who are using the platform- to have access to there data through systems such as Microsoft CRM and utilising personalised company dashboards for maximum-usability.

It also provides the flexibility for team members within the company to maintain single-documents, allows multiple staff-users to update it continuously, ability to record-changes and many more features. Speak to our staff on how we can help.



Cost Savings & Better Productivity

Another benefit of utilising this platform-is that it can save your business money. How can this be cost effective to your business? SharePoint and OneDrive eliminates the cost of a separate-cloud data storage and cloud account which in return can eliminate the unnecessary costs of patching problems and fixing bugs. Want to learn more about the total cloud solution- speak to Corpex IT today on how we can help.

It can also improve your business productivity- by streamlining and automotive key processes. How? its super easy to track information, transmit data, work on group projects, manage documents and many more productive benefits for your business that can eliminate delays and miscommunication. A business’s efficiency and profitability- is a result of a productive workforce. Be one of those companies- speak to us today.